Given the rules and content of the site, we advise that users should be over 18 to use our website.

We reserve the right to remove (with or without notice) any listings/ads that we feel: are not relevant, offer any value to the MACD community, or breach our posting rules or terms of use. In the interests of our community, people who regularly break our posting rules may find their future use of the site restricted.


Keep it local
We like to keep things local, so we prefer that your listing is posted to the location of the class, not your Head Office, home office, etc. This recommendation is to better serve our visitors, but the decision is of course your own.

Post in the most relevant category
Post in the category that most closely matches your ad. We have kept categories to a minimum to ensure one will fit.

We have 3 very specific categories: Clubs, Stores and Spaces for Hire. If your listing does not satisfy one of these top level categories, it does not belong on MACD and will likely be removed. If you feel that there is a valid case for a new category, please contact us first before listing.

Write in English
As a UK site we kindly ask everyone to write their listings in English. Again, this is to best serve our visitors and your potential students.

Write as much information as necessary
You should write as much information as possible about the service you are advertising. While it’s never a good idea to drag on, please ensure that all relevant information is covered. Explain the core benefits of your class, the facilities you offer and so on.


Duplicate listings
Listings are differentiated by geographic location. It is advised to use 1 listing per location, however if you wish to keep your classes listed separately (you run 2 separate classes in the same location), you may do so although fees will apply to each listing.

Do not use language in your listing that may suggest that you’re affiliated with MACD. As much as we love our members, our relationship is a commercial one – this site offers a paid membership service.

No irrelevant listings
We are a search directory providing focused results to very specific queries. Our users do not want to sift through spammy listings of irrelevant junk. Nor do our paying members want to be surrounded by it. Please also use the category most suited to your listing. Being relevant is great all round and will serve you well on MACD.

Classes not yet available or expired
We only allow listings to be placed for classes that are available. It is detrimental to your credibility as a service provider and damaging to the user experience. Our users do not want to see listings that are out of date or expired. If you no longer offer a particular class, it is in everybody’s interest that your listings be kept as up to date.

Title and Description
Please do not put your phone number, price, website or your email address in the title of your ad. There are specific fields to enter this information, which improves the experience for users, as well as increasing the search-ability of your listing.

Photographs and Videos should be relevant to the listing. They should not include excessive violence, blood in keeping with the “No offensive/adult” restrictions mentioned below.

No keyword spamming
You know those ads that have lots of irrelevant phrases or words in them? That’s called keyword spamming, and we don’t like keyword spammers because it makes searching for something very frustrating for everyone else.

No offensive/adult language or images
MACD is a local site and we like to keep things friendly. Any listings reported to us as offensive or of an ‘adult’ nature will be removed and a strike will be held against your listing account.

No discrimination terms
We do not allow you to use discriminatory terms, either offensively or generally.


Disclaimer: We are not owned in-part/fully by, or affiliated with any of our members – we play no favourites. We reserve the right to moderate the content on our website should it breach our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or Posting Rules.

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