To help you use this website we have included a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If these don’t answer your questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team who would love to help.


Do I have to register to use this website?

No. As a visitor you can search our listings as much as you like. To use the review or bookmarking features, you will be required to register for a free account. Registering is only required for claiming or creating a listing.

My search doesn’t return any results.

If you’ve tried searching and didn’t find any classes, you can always try a few search techniques:

  • Search for variations in spelling. As you know, martial arts names often have multiple translations/spellings,
  • Loosen your search criteria; instead of searching for Kyokushinkai Karate, try searching for Karate or even Kyo Karate as our search engine will piece together the results,

Is this email really from MACD?

Visitors are unlikely to receive emails directly from MACD, outside of responses to general enquiries made on the website. ALL emails will end in If you suspect an email is fraudulent, please forward it to or contact us so that we may investigate.

Can I advertise with MACD?

Yes. If you’d like to find out how to find out more about advertising with us, please email our team at and we can discuss the advertising options available, and create a campaign package to suit your needs. We review each enquiry on a case by case basis.

How do I register on the site?

To register for a member account on MACD, click on Add Listing link in the main navigation. We only require very basic information to generate your account (Name and Email).


Are there any restrictions for posting on this site?

Yes. At present we have 3 main categories: Clubs, Equipment Suppliers and Spaces for Hire. If your listing does not satisfy one of these top level categories, it does not belong on MACD and will be removed. If you feel that there is a valid case for a new category, please contact us.

I see my club listed but how do I claim it?

Navigate to the listing page you want to claim. Click on the “Claim this listing” button under the listing and complete the form. We will handle things from there.

I don’t see the claim button?

If you do not see the claim button, and the listing shows a green tick under the title, it has already been claimed and verified by another member. Check with your colleagues as one of them may have claimed it. If not, you can raise a claim dispute by contacting our team directly and we will process the claim dispute.

Can I upgrade my listing?

Yes. To upgrade your listing from a standard lifetime membership to an annual Featured listing, please contact our team who can assist you.

Why has my listing been removed?

If your listing breaches MACD Posting Rules, our Terms of Use or is against the spirit of the MACD site then we will remove your listing. When we remove a listing, we will send an email explaining why where possible. Make sure you don’t miss out on emails from us by checking your junk-mail folder.

Help! I have forgotten my Password

Firstly double-check that you haven’t accidentally entered a space when entering your password. This can happen if you copy and paste the details from an email, rather than typing the characters in individually. Also remember that Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure the case of the letter matches the originally entered password and that you do not have CAPS LOCK on. If you have forgotten your password please reset it on the Member’s login screen.


If you still have questions please contact us here.